Friday, November 6, 2015

How tides really work, and why the old "two bulge" idea isn't real (41 links)

This blog is an expansion of the 2011 blog post,  How the oceanic tides actually work.  How the real tides on earth behave.  A bad case of SIROTI

Lat updated Jan 1 2017

Tides are shallow water waves, a shallow-water wave  speed is controlled by depth of ocean
Tide waves are forced waves at most latitudes because the tide-generating forces move faster than the speed of a shallow water wave of the tide wave wavelength. The tide lag is at a maximum at the equator and is reduced at higher latitudes.Chapter 10 tides

NASA TOPEX from 2000

Video of a Very cool model of the actual tides

M2 Tide animation

Physics stack page explaining why no bulges

Videos of tide animations
NASA TOPEX from 2000

PBS video why everyone is wrong (which is also wrong)

Below, Land tide example, one month's changes in Kansas USA

The Tidal and Other Problems Google Books

blog edited April 19 2016

All the wrong things about the moon and tides

Global animation page 

Polar region animation (huge GIF file)

- For fun, here is an old book with a conflict over tide theory in it.

(arguments over the tides are very old)

A new theory of the tides

By John Debenham